Welcoming Hannah Nyström to the Underton team

August 24, 2017


Tell us about some of your past experiences. When did you know you wanted to be working with music and sound? Why?


I wrote my first song when I was around 8 years old, ever since then I've been playing music in one way or another. It does not feel like it was anything I decided to do, it was just something I did. I grew up in a church, where music and creativity was very common. I played several different instruments and I was a part of a few different bands during my upbringing. Later on I started studying songwriting, and after a year of doing that, I wanted to learn more about the art of production. :) I then decided to study a bachelor in Music and media production here in Stockholm. By then I understood the charm of not only writing songs, but putting together the right sound to it, to maximise the felling that i want to express through the song. I also experimented to put music and images together, by filming a lot. I love that.

The reason I want to do this is no more complicated than this: it’s fun! There is something within me that pulls me towards this direction, although some people around me thinks it's a little risky. hehe


What's your favorite part of audio production?

It must be to produce music. It's fun to build a song and make it sound the way I want. It’s pretty time-consuming, but fun.

Nowadays I also have a lot of interest in sound design. It's unbelievable how much impact the sound design has on a movie! I'm looking forward to taking the step of becoming a senior sound designer.


Do you have a favorite moment of music or sound design in film? What is it?

I recently made music for a short film where two characters met after a long break apart. The woman was now married, but their love for each other was obvious. It was fun to create themes for the to characters, to put the forbidden feelings in the open. I made a melancholic theme on the violin for here while he had a piano theme that was a bit duller. The themes had to work together, and it became very beautiful and sad, and created a sense of forbidden and unhappy love. I like to create this kind of music.

What album has had the biggest influence on you and why?

It’s been so long since I actually bought and listened through an entire album. When I was little I loved the movie The Bodyguard and wished for the soundtrack by Whitney Houston for Christmas. I checked all the presents laying under the Christmas tree, and saw that there was a one for me, looking exactly like a CD. I knew it was it, and longed for the evening to come so that I could open it. To my disappointment, however, I got the soundtrack to The Preachers Wife, also by Whitney Houston. I can not describe my disappointment. "The Bodyguard was sold out," said Dad, "so we bought this instead, but that's with Whitney Houston as well." I started listening to it anyway, and it finally became a favorite in the CD player after all. Me and my little sister often sang on those songs.

Also, I listened a lot to Oasis. I loved those songs, and they meant a lot ’cause I learned to play the acoustic guitar to it. Coldplay, A Rush Of Blood To The Head and Parachutes, also meant a lot, I listened to those albums in my teenage days. The melancholy sound, the beautiful melodies and Chris Martin's awesome voice suited me perfectly. Phoenix, Alpabetical also went hot. Haha, maybe I'll stop now, you just asked for one album ..

Favorite adventure you've been on so far?

Adventure ... spontaneously I think of a trip. But taking a new season in life with new tasks or relationships can be an adventure as well. But I would say it was a trip to India maybe. I went there alone and met some friends. That was unbelievable. I was in the southwestern part of India. It was paradise. I saw the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Incredible scenery. Monkeys jumping around in the woods, like deer and hares usually jump around in Sweden. The sea and the horizon were magical and the dolphins. And also, incredibly nice people


Outside of work, where can someone usually find you?

Well, in the studio working on my own songs, somewhere meeting friends or family, or out for a run or playing tennis maybe.



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